The TLG-500 Wind Generator
Commercial and Industrial Wind Generator system for 12 and 24 volt battery banks.

Nothing outlasts a TLG-500, NOTHING!

TLG-500 Power You Can Depend On

  • Highest output at the lowest wind speed (Customer Rated Output)

  • Reaches 1 full  amp into a 12-volt battery bank @ 5 MPH.

  • Virtually silent operation even in high wind conditions.

  • Self-furling over speed protection by physics, not moving parts

  • No planned maintenance, mount it and forget it.

  • Bird friendly due to low speed blade rotation. (no transparent rotation)

  • More than 7 years of proven field service. (as of 2011)

  • Outperforms most units on the market rated up to 2000 watts.

  • Mounts on standard 1 1/2" I D guyed pipe.

  • All hardware necessary to assemble.

  • Heavy construction tested to 100 MPH. (field proven by customers)

  • Reaches full output at only 463 rpm's (28 to 32 mph based on wind density)

  • Constructed of heavy gauge aluminum and stainless steel

Battery Charging - Wind Generator System

Current unit price $1550.00 includes:
TLG-500 Generator Head
Yaw Assembly with Bearing
Boast Buster Rotor with Stainless Steel hub
3 - phase Bridge Rectifier.

You supply the Tower , Wiring, Batteries, etc.

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We offer a 27 foot free standing tower for only $650.00 plus shipping

Since you are reading this that means that you have done your research for renewable energy products and you are now looking at what is perceived to be a very expensive unit that is only rated at 500 watts.  I'm sure you've seen 500 watt units that range in price from $499.00 to $1000.00 dollars, but not all 500 watt units are created equal! 
The TLG-500 may cost more, but other units do not have eight years of field proven reliability and performance to back them up.

If you want a wind generator that will outlast all the rest then the TLG-500 commercial grade turbine is your only practical choice. 

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General Information & Output Performance Charts

Why we think the TLG-500 is a better choice for you

FAQ about the TLG-500

MSRP $1995.00
Direct Price $1550.00

Generator Specifications
12 Volt Battery Environment 24 Volt Battery Environment Industry Standard Instantaneous Rating

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Note the offset position of the yaw point to the center line of the rotor for self furling.

Ready to ship out.

Small design for low visual impact but has the output of a much larger unit.

General Information

The TLG-500 Wind Generator has been designed to furl by physics rather than moving parts.  This form of furling will drastically reduce lateral thrust (wind loading) on your tower in the event of a storm or high winds.  It will also further protect the unit from over speeding which could result in over heating of the head.
I have to say that the TLG-500 Yaw assemble and generator head is overbuilt just like most every TLG product ever produced, but our goal for this generator was to provide our customers with a high quality unit that should last 15 to 20 years with normal use.
At that point we are only talking about bearing replacement which will cost you between 25 to 40 dollars buying them from your local supply store.  We purposely designed our unit using common NSK sealed bearing that you can easily find

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Instructions and setup of the TLG-500

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