The TLG-500 Wind Generator
Can outperform any Instantaneous rated unit up to 2Kw and some all the way to 5Kw.
Nothing outperforms a TLG-500

Below are pictures and comments from the growing list of satisfied owners of the TLG-500 Wind Generator.

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The first TLG-500 to take flight in Canada is at Auto Climate Systems.

Bill runs some tests on his TLG-500 before taking it to his cabin for permanent mounting.

Randy's TLG-500 at his hunting cabin in Western New York State.
Lynn's TLG-500 in Utah on a 24 Volt System    Notice the Air Compressor he made as well.
Nigel's TLG-500 in Haliburton Highlands county of Southern Ontario
Alan's TLG-500 in Indiana          Partnership Reseller
George's TLG-500 in Alaska  
Ken's TLG-500 Wind Farm in Wisconsin Owner of 12 TLG-500 units provides detailed output. 
Jeff's TLG-500 in Tennessee    Jeff is an X-Hornet and Condor owner.
TLG-500 Product Review by Jeffery Jones of Mountain Power and Solar, LLC
Don Albrand of Electricalair llc in Salt Lake City shares his opinion of the unit.
Scott's TLG-500 in Alaska.  You have got to see his rainbow pictures.
Stan's TLG-500 in Virginia. A (through the roof) mounting system.
Mark's TLG-500 at Rudyard Auto Sales in Rudyard MI  A (through the roof) mounting system
John M. in NY with a tilt up tower for his TLG-500 
Norman's TLG-500 Wind Generator in Dartmouth Nova Scotia Canada
Mel's TLG-500 Wind Generator on a collapsible stand he built to make it mobile
Jeff Mock's TLG-500 takes flight in Quincy, Illinois        Partnership Reseller
James Luckett installs his TLG-500 in Ferris, TX
John Theismann awesome paint job on his TLG-500 Wind Generator
Jeff Lieland temporally installs in TLG-500 wind generator on his patio
Bill's TLG-500 in Holton, MI with his homemade break over pole
Dan installs his TLG-500 on a test stand before permanent mounting   Partnership Reseller

Amateur Radio Outdoor Adventures INC.  K4T Expedition   Partnership Reseller

More to come as I get them

Special thanks to those that take the time to send in pictures and comments about your unit!

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