Complete wind generator systems such as the TLG-500 are warranted against failure of material or workmanship for a period of one year.  It is a business loan requirement to only place a one year warranty on them.  These units have been in service in the field for many years without any warranty claims.

Each package is double checked before shipping to insure the correct item/s and all necessary assembly hardware is included before the box is closed.  Each electronic component is hand tested for output range, and overall workmanship before it is packaged to insure every unit that goes out is working perfectly.

Blades and installation of TLG products:
Since TLG WIndpower Products is not installing the blade system, or any other product offered by TLG Windpower Products, TLG Windpower Products or its employees cannot accept any liability / responsibility caused from use or misuse of any product offered by TLG Windpower Products beyond the invoiced purchase price paid for the item.

All items / parts such as Rotor Blade Systems, Wind Generators, Arbors, Charge Controllers, or any other item found on this site are to be used at his or her own risk.

By purchasing a product/s supplied by or manufactured by TLG Windpower Products you are stating that you have read this disclaimer and agree to hold TLG Windpower Products its owner/s and any of its employees free from all liabilities, and agrees he, or she is using and operating the product at his or her own risk, and that no warrantees or guarantees are made, expressed, or implied in reference to performance or output power, etc.

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