The TLG-500
24 volt output chart

The chart below is based off of customer data, not TLG. 
It cannot be used to compare output from this turbine to another.  Please keep in mind that many factors effect output results such as length of wire, size of wire, battery bank size (amp hours), and more so the output depends on how drained or how charged your batteries are.
Wind generators charge a battery in the same manor as your battery charger in your garage does.  A drained battery pulls mores amperage at the beginning of the charge than it does when it is almost full and that is the reason this chart cannot be used for turbine comparison.

By no means does this chart reflect the highest reported output for this model, it only shows the state of charge of this customers battery bank.

Many customers report much higher output than what is shown here, but this chart does provide an honest representation of the least amounts of output you should see.

24 Volt Battery Bank Environment
Volts x Amps = Watts

Wind Speed MPH +/- 2 Amps into Battery Bank +/- 0.5 Battery Voltage +/- 1  Average Watts
7 MPH 1 Amp 24.0 Volts 24 Watts
9 MPH 2 Amp 24.0 Volts 48 Watts
15 MPH 5 Amp 24.8 Volts 124 Watts
20 MPH 10 Amps 25.2 Volts 254 Watts
25 MPH 15 Amps 26.8 Volts 402 Watts
34 MPH 23 Amps 27.1 Volts 623 Watts
40 MPH 30 Amps 28.2 Volts 846 Watts
45 MPH 39 Amps 28.5 Volts 1111 Watts
50 MPH 50 Amps 29.8 Volts 1490 Watts

The safe operating 24/7 range has been determined.
40 Amp resetting breaker required on a 24 volt system.

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