The TLG-500
Industry Standard
"Instantaneous Output"

Here's your B.S. ;)


Below is the "very conservative" industry standard "INSTANTANEOUS" rating, AKA never gonna happen!
 I refer to this as I. L. S. ratings (If Lighting Strikes) you will see that many watts of power. ;)
I do have to admit the TLG-500's conservative instantaneous rating of 5700 Watts does look impressive.

Note:  What I mean by "very conservative" is I did not short the leads on a shunt load which is the typical procedure for this rating.  I used the actual true potential going into the battery as my source for the amperage reading, then multiplied that by the open voltage.
If I had shorted the leads the amperage spike (spark) would be much higher thus the Instantaneous output for the TLG-500 generator would be even more ludicrous than it is.

"very conservative" Industry standard" Instantaneous "I.L.S". rating for a 12 volt battery environment.

Wind Speed MPH +/- 2 Amps held to Battery Bank Open Circuit / Forward Voltage Average Watts
8 MPH 1 Amp 18 Volts 18 Watts
10 MPH 2.5 Amps 19 Volts 47.5 Watts
11 MPH 3 Amps 20 Volts 60 Watts
12.5 MPH 4 Amps 25 Volts 100 Watts
15 MPH 5 Amps 30 Volts 150 Watts
20 MPH 10 Amps 40 Volts 400 Watts
26 MPH 15 Amps 44 Volts 660 Watts
30 MPH 20 Amps 60 Volts 1200 Watts
35 MPH 25 Amps 70 Volts 1750 Watts
37 MPH 30 Amps 82 Volts 2460 Watts
38 MPH 35 Amps 85 Volts 2975 Watts
41 MPH 40 Amps 90 Volts 3600 Watts
50 MPH 50 Amps 115 Volts 5750 Watts

Remember the is what TLG calls I.L.S. ratings and does not consider it to be the real output of the unit.  TLG rates its Wind Generators output  by "Real World" data.

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