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27ft Tall Free Standing Tower Kit
Perfect for the TLG-500 Series Turbines

The 25 series tower places the turbine up to 27 foot to the center of the rotor.
5 feet of a "Mid" section would be embedded in concrete, resulting in 27 feet to the top of the mounting tube.

Tower components:
(2) 10 foot Mid section
(1) 12 foot top section with mounting tube 1.5 ID (1.9000 OD)

Image of 17 foot tower

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3.    Options:
Tilt Base: $153.00
A tilt over base can be utilized with the above tower resulting in 33 feet to the top of the mounting tube, but requires the tilt base and bracket. 

Bracketing Kit: (24-36 inch adjustable) - $105.00
The tilt base requires bracketing to a building no lower than 12 feet off the ground.