The TLG-500 Wind Generator
Field proven to be the most indestructible unit on the market
Can outperform any Instantaneous rated unit up to 2Kw and some all the way to 5Kw.
Nothing outperforms a TLG-500


PMA Description Direct Drive, Rotary Flux 500 Watt Permanent Magnet Generator
Outer Frame Material Aluminium Alloy LM25 TF/T6
Fully heat treated to resist warping.
Outer Frame Finish Aluminium surface is anodised then power painted for anti-corrosion protection
Shaft Stainless Steel
Shaft Bearing High Standard Sealed Bearing (NSK 6207VV or NSK 6207DDU) (2) 1 front 1 in back
Fasteners (nuts and bolts) Stainless Steel
Lamination Stack High Spec Cold-Rolled Steel
Windings Temperature Max 350 degrees Fahrenheit
Magnetic Material NdFeB  (Neodymium Iron Boron)
Magnet Temperature Max 300 degrees Fahrenheit
Rated Output Power 500 Watts
Generator Configuration 3 Phase AC Output
Generator Head weight 28.4 pounds  (just the generator itself)
Complete assembled unit 48.5 pounds


Mount 1.5 inch schedule 40 pipe / 1.9 inch OD approx 40 mm
Voltage / Battery Bank 12 or 24 volt systems
Rotor Diameter  5 foot (60")
Rotor Material Stainless steel hub with 1/8" thick Aluminum blades
Rated Output 500 watts at 35 mph "real world"
Instantaneous Wind-speed Max rated output by industry standard  5.7 kW - aka - I. L. S. rating or B* S*
Start-up speed  12-volt Break and roll @ 5 mph (<3 m/s) 1 full amp at 5 mph on a 12 volt systems. "real world"
Start-up speed  24-volt Break and roll @ 5 mph (<3 m/s) 1 full amp at 10.5 mph on a 24 volt systems. "real world"
Safety Shunt Brake capable in winds up to 50 mph.
Class 1 electrical safety rated for prevention of electrical shocks.
Features Low start up speed due to low cogging and resistive torque design.
Gearless direct drive low rpm generator
High standard, quality components for use in harsh and extreme environment for wind turbines.
High efficiency
Excellent heat dissipation due to the winding running on the outside edge of the Aluminium alloy outer frame
Low mechanical resistance energy loss
Generator is designed using specially selected material and treated to resist corrosion and oxidation.
Designed for reliable long operational lifetime under long-term full output.
Designed with 15 to 20 years of operation in mind.
Brush-less Design (no more changing brushes every couple of years)
Quiet operation even in high winds.
AC output from the unit then rectified at the battery bank to reduce energy loss in wiring.
Self Furling Design for high wind over-speed protection.

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