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Tips and Tricks for building your own Generator

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Basic Information How to save money on your utility bills (Helpful advise from TLG and others)
US Wind Speed in your area  (Map of winds my location)
Understanding Generators  (Basic overview of renewable energy)
Items Needed To build  (Basic list of part and pieces)
Glossary of Terms  (The high-tech words explained to make sense)
What's' up with Watts  (Explanation of DC power in other terms)
Safety Tips & Ordinances (Reasons why, and how to prevent them)
Making a Vane (Tail piece for your wind generator)
Instructions for TLG Products  (How to assemble your TLG rotors, etc.)
Figuring Energy Consumption by your Utility Meter (what does a certain item draw)
Motor / Generator Data Ametek Motor Data (Motor information TLG has gathered)
Other Motor Tests  (Information on other tested motors)
Generator / Battery Wiring Blocking Diode Installation  (How and where to install in your system)
Wiring Generator to Battery  (How to get the wires from and to)
Charts and Conversions Watts / Amps Conversion Chart (Add two values and get the rest)
Wire Size Chart (What would be the "absolute best" size to run)
MM to Inch Conversion Chart (figures SAE fractions to MM for you)
Wiring Diagrams Battery Bank Wiring (Overview of wiring with diagrams)
Dynamic Shunt Braking (manual switch)  (Shunt Braking your system)
Open volts or charge voltage with a single meter. (text of how to)
Design Suggestions & Safety Arbor Mounting (How TLG suggests doing it)
Waterproofing your Generator (A couple of cheap ideas for you)
Grounding your tower/pole  (The method TLG uses for grounding)
Miscellaneous Stuff Setting up an off grid site (General overview to get the concept)
Wooden Blades (What goes into them and their maintenance)
Shunt Braking (Explains how it works and some differences)
Charge Controller Info (overview of a charge controller & functions)
Need Parts? (View the TLG Windpower Parts Page)
Q&A (Read questions from customers, and the answer to them)
Build a Solar Hot Air Heater out of Scraps (Full Details)
Product Warning. Unsafe Arbor Issue (An arbor you don't want to use on your genny)


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