Mounting your Arbor to your generator shaft.

This is the way I do it.  It does not mean it is right, nor does it mean this is the only way.
This is not a guarantee that your arbor will never come off, but it can't hurt

On a DC motor this is what I do.

  • Push the arbor over the generator shaft as far as it will go.  Tighten the setscrews down.
  • Now loosen the screws and remove the arbor from the shaft.
    You should be able to see where the setscrews dug into the shaft on the generator.
  • On the generator shaft make a mark on each side with a marker or pencil that you can easily see.
  • Now set a block of wood or something on each side of the generator to hold it still.  Hook some DC power to it, 6 to 12 Volts is just fine.
  • Now your shaft is turning and you should be able to see your marks.  If not unhook the power and re-mark so that you can see them when it is turning.
  • Now take a file, mini grinder, etc. and run it "between" the marks to cut a smooth groove in the generator shaft.  It only needs to be about a 1/16th of an inch or so deep.  The point is to make a grove for the head of the setscrews to set.
  • Now unhook the DC power and inspect your shaft.  You should have two smooth grooves.  If so you are ready to mount your arbor.
  • Remove the setscrews completely from the arbor.
  • Place a drop of locktite on each setscrew and reinsert them in the arbor shaft.
  • Place the arbor back on your generator shaft all the way and tighten the setscrews down.
  • Loosen one and re-tighten it, now loosen and re-tighten the other one.  This lets them dig in real good.
  • Your arbor shouldn't be able to come off.
  • Some people drill through the arbor and generator shaft and insert a roll pin in the hole.  Some say it weakens the shaft, others say it a great idea.  I personally have not used the roll pin method and tend to agree with those that say it weakens the shaft.

You may have an idea other than what I mentioned, feel free to build your generator the way you want to.  If you have a better idea please send it to me and I will post it to share with the other home brew builders.  You will receive full credit for your ideas submitted.

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