Thinking of making your own wooden blades. 


My first question is WHY WOULD YOU EVEN WANT TO?  This isn't the 1930's and even so it takes time and is a major pain in the neck to even make the blades, let alone making a precision balanced hub.
BUT there are people that think that wooden blades are the best thing since sliced bread.  Lets take a look at that mind set by viewing the common end results of wooden blades.

The start.
You grab some high grade wood and start widdling away.  You spend hours, days or even weeks to make them.  If you are successful with your first attempt and you get them done you will spend hours balancing them,  if not you do it all over again.  Once they are balanced you seal them to protect them from the elements and they are ready to go on your generator that you spent your time making. 

One day you get a good strong wind with some sand in it and your blades get  nicks in your sealer.  now water starts getting in..  Your blades start to warp, then it is out of balance because it is soaking up water.
End results.
You put a lot of work into something, that will never get you the results you wanted and in most cases end up being the death of your generator from vibration caused from warping and changing in the shape of the wood.

So why would anyone even waste their time trying to make something when they can buy a bolt together ready to fly product that needs no balancing and is made out of material that will hold up in the weather?

Surely you didn't think this was going to be a serious page and that I was going to tell you how to make dangerous none lasting blades out of wood.

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