Arbor safety issue.

Although I sold a handful of these arbors pictured below I have since found them to be unreliable for wind generators.


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I found these arbors because people like to save money... They were cheap and cheap is a good description of them.  I no longer sell this style.

Here is what time has shown me about these arbors.
1. They rust faster than you can shake a stick at them.
2. The set screws do not hold, they come loose from the shaft on their own.
3. The washers flatten out and cause the nut to become loose.
4. From one to another they were not the same on the inside shaft diameter.
(This causes an out of balance shake.)
5. The threaded shaft can snap off.

They are suitable for use as a motor arbor to put a buffing wheel on an old washer motor, etc.  But do not use this style to support your generator blades in the air.

You may think you are saving money but if your rotor comes off I guarantee you wasted your money. 
Spend the extra money and buy a QUALITY HARDENED STEEL Arbor!

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