Items you need to make a homemade wind generator

So you want to join in on the fun of making your own generator.  If you don't know all the pieces you need maybe this section will help you.

For a basic unit you need the following items.

1. Pole or Tower
1. Yaw Mechanism, a bearing to allow your generator to turn and follow the wind.  Or two different sizes of pipe that will slip over each other. I have them for sale on the parts page if you want to save some time and hassle.
1. Mount for your Yaw bearing if you use that method
1. Thrust Bearing to support the weight of the unit below the Yaw bearing.  (if your generator is too heavy for a single Yaw bearing or slip pipe)
1. Your choice of a DC Permanent Magnet Motor known as DCPM.
1. Arbor.  The Arbor goes on your DCPM shaft to mount your blades.
1. Blocking Diode. to keep your generator from running like a motor from the batteries.
1. Regulator system to prevent over-charging the batteries IF NEEDED some don't need it.  If you are using 400 watts per hour and producing 250 to 300 watts per hour why would you need a charge controller.  Decide this later.
? The correct size and length of wire.  Use my chart if you need assistance.
1. Blade system.  I recommend a TLG rotor. Gee I wonder why? ;)

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