Volts, Amps, Ohms, and Watts Conversion Table

In building your own generator you need to know what size of wire you need to run from the generator to the batteries.  Or maybe you just want to know what kind of energy you can produce.
Below is the ohms law facts table and an automated calculator which should be helpful in figuring your generators output in watts, amps, etc.
Place any two values that you know from your generator in the correct box below, it will figure the rest for you.  Press the clear button to do a different calculation.


V = I * R
V = P / I
V = sqrt(P * R)
I = V / R
I = P / V
I = sqrt(P / R)
R = V / I
R = VČ / P
R = P / IČ
P = V * I
P = VČ / R
P = IČ * R

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