Installation and adjusting of the switch points


There are 3 contacts on the buss bar located on the end of the controller.
Batt Poss,  Batt Neg, and Load
Connect the Batt Poss to the Positive post of your battery bank.
Connect the Batt Neg to the Negative post of your battery bank.
Connect the LOAD to the positive connection of your dump load devise.
You will connect the negative (from your dump load devise) back to the negative contact of your battery bank to complete the dump circuit.

In the image below you can see the 12/24 jumper that will be covered here that allow the end user to set the controller for use on a 12 or 24 volt bank.
The is a small set of pins on the controllers motherboard. If you have the contact bar contacting the center pin to the 12 pin your controller is set to the 12-volt range.  Likewise if you have the contact bar on the center pin to the 24-volt pin your controller will be set for use on a 24 volt bank.

Using preset adjustment points marked on the motherboard:
Note: Unit comes preset for 12 volt systems and is adjusted to 14.5 cutout/dump to 12.8 volts return charge.

To adjust the controllers high limit cut out and low limit cut in is simple as well.
There are to small square shaped pots on the motherboard.
The left pot it the low limit cut in adjustment.
The right pot is your high limit cut out adjustment.
Both pots are calibrated to some basic set points and you can adjust your controller fairly close without a meter by pointing the adjuster on the pot to the indicated voltage on the motherboard.
There are two different ranges printed around the pots and are respective to the 12/24 volt selected by the 3 pin jumper.

Custom cut in and out points
To precision adjust the set points gently turn the high limit pot all the way to the right / Clockwise until is stops.
Then gently turn the low limit pot all way to the left \ Counterclockwise until it stops.
With a meter on the battery banks positive and negative connections monitor the battery voltage until it reaches the highest point desired.  Then slowly and gently turn the high pot Counterclockwise/left until the diversion light comes on.
Now monitor your battery banks voltage as it drains into your dump load devise, once it reaches the lowest point desired then slowly and gently turn the low limit pop Clockwise/right until the diversion light goes out.
Your controller is now adjusted to your custom set points.

Click to view the image below to see the set points discussed above

It's that simple.

Please read the Product Disclaimer before you buy.

Use caution when wiring up your unit.  Pay close attention to the orientation of wire placement..

Remember Electronics work off of smoke!  If you wire them up wrong and let the smoke out they will not work anymore. ;)

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