Randy installs his TLG-500 at his hunting cabin in Western New York State

Comments below the image.

The system stands 33 feet in the air.

He installed a nice guy wire system.

Comments from Randy

Hello Terry:
  I received shipment of my TLG 500 in perfect condition.  I am very pleased with the heavy duty construction of all the components.  The Yaw is built like a bridge.  The rotor is the heaviest gauge that I have seen anywhere. It sure puts to shame the lightweight stuff I have bought.  The CONDOR with it's seven foot - six blade rotor is junk compared to your product.  The Condor would spin in light wind but it would never produced current. It did make Voltage on an open circuit.
  I'm so glad to now have a windmill that actually does what your charts said it will do.
Here in Western New York State we normally have strong wind all Autumn and Winter, but this year so far I have only had three days since the unit went up with winds that were steady most of the time.  On the second day I had wind that ran about 10-15 mph and I had a steady 4-8 amps charging to my battery bank.
What a happy guy I am to see this thing really works.
  I use this at my hunting cabin, where we have lots of deer.  Experience has taught me that a bright colored rotors scare off my deer.  For that reason I painted the unit so that there would not be any flashes from rotor which would cause the deer to run off.
I am sure that the all aluminum and stainless steel construction would last indefinitely unpainted. 
 I will send along a couple pictures, you can see that there is no wind now.
I did notice that when the wind was blowing the rotor was spinning faster then my old Condor ever did.
  Thanks for making a real windmill for the little guy.
After seeing it really work, I didn't mind at all spending money.  This time I didn't get ripped off. 
Randy  S.

Update added 2-19-07

Hi Terry
  Thought I would send you an update on my wind generator.
I have always been a prudent shopper, trying to get the biggest bang for the buck.  I had bought and tried two other wind generators, the Hornet and the Condor. Both spun like crazy but made very little power.  I was recharging my battery bank with my gas powered generator every two or three days.  Well I'm pleased to tell you that I don't have to use my gas generator anymore.
My TLG 500 does It all. The only problem I have now is keeping my battery bank from overcharging.  I had to buy a dump relay to protect my batteries.  The TLG 500 is saving me money!!!
  You have a great product.  My friends are impressed with the output, and are considering replacing their windmills with yours.
NY State

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