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30.5ft Tall Free Standing Tower Kit
Perfect for the TLG-1800-GT Turbine

This tower places the TLG-1800-GT at about 34 foot to the tip of the blade to accommodate ordinances in several locations.

Commonly this tower would be installed with 3.5 feet of a 10 foot mid section in concrete, with 6 inches of concrete above grade.  This would make the total height of the 3 - 10 foot sections combined at 27 feet.  With the receiving tube (top section) added it would provide a total approximant height of 30.5 feet.  When you place the TLG-1800-GT on top with its 6' 3" diameter rotor that would place the blade tips right at 33.5 feet high.
(lease note that you should consult and engineer about your soil composition for mounting depth and diameter for your location.)

Tower components:
(3) 10 foot Mid section
(1) 3.5 foot top section with schedule 80 mounting tube 1.5 ID (1.9000 OD)

Image only shows 17 foot of the tower

Call for shipping costs to your door

3.    Options:
Additional 5 foot base section: $175.00

Kit: $750.00
To prevent climbing the tower to anyone not authorized to do so.