The Tri-Nado Extreme
8.5 foot diameter
Rotational Start and run at 2.0 MPH

Sarah Lou displays the Tri-Nado Extreme


New 10 inch wide root design for maximum low wind preformance!

This rotor turns the rpm's of an average 7' rotor, and has the torque and power of a 12' rotor all bundled in a awesome looking 8.5' design.

If you are wanting to build a "gear up" system you can go up to 1:10 ratio depending on the generator with the Tri-Nado Extreme.  This system has a rotational start speed of 2.0 mph and runs all the way down to 0.5 mph. 

If you have a high output low rpm generator, or you have a generator that needs a few hundred OR even a few thousand rpm's to produce power, you can gear this rotor up and it will crank out some serious voltage and amperage in a modest 10 to 15 MPH wind.
This rotor offers so many options for use it is not even funny.

This unit comes with TWO HUBS.  Each one is Laser cut and made from a solid piece of 3/16th steel that when doubled up is 3/8" thick which is stronger that just a solid 3/8" piece of steel.  The center hole is 17mm for mounting.


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WAS $539.99
Now $399.99

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