The Tri-Nado Elite
7 foot diameter that turns up to 1400 rpm (no kidding)
TSR - Tip Speed Ratio 7.49 to 1 @ 10 mph wind.

Rotational Start and run at 2.3 Mph

Jessica displays the Tri-Nado Elite rotor

elite_rpm_grid.gif (10492 bytes)

The latest in a series of power rotors

This rotor develops a little over 2 horsepower at around 22 mph.

If you are wanting to build a "gear up" system you can go up to 1:6 ratio depending on the generator with the Tri-Nado Elite.  This system has a rotational start speed of 2.3 mph and runs all the way down to 1.2 mph. 
At 5 mph this rotor turns at 194 rpm with no load on an Ametek 40.  What is amazing is it ran 191 rpm with the wires shorted together as a load only knocking off 3 rpms.  

If you have a high output low rpm generator, or you have a generator that needs a few hundred OR even a few thousand rpms to produce power, you can gear this rotor up and it will crank out some serious voltage and amperage in a modest 10 to 15 MPH wind.

This rotor offers many options for use just like its big brother the Extreme.

This unit comes with one Laser cut hub made from a solid piece of 3/16th steel, along with the bolts, nuts, and washers for assembly.
The center hole is 17mm for mounting.

RPM Performance Graph.
elite_rpm_grid.gif (10492 bytes)
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TSR test results.

Just in case you do not know what TSR stands for, it is how may times faster the tips of the blades run in respect to the oncoming wind.
The test for start and TSR were done in turbulent conditions.  When I had a solid 10 mph wind for a couple of seconds I locked the data on the rpm's.  Reading was 300 rpm's

The Math.

Rotor size - 7 foot
7 times 3.14 = 21.98 foot circumference of rotor.

Wind - 10 mph times 88 = 880 feet per minute.

Rotor speed - 300 rpm's times 21.98' circumference = 6594 Rotor tip speed in feet per minute.
Fun tidbit - 6594 divided by 88 = 74.93 mph at the tips. WOW!

TSR - 6594 feet per minute rotor speed at the tips divided by 880 wind speed = 7.49 to 1 TSR.


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