The Tri-Nado AL

Rotational Start at 4.7mph

Courtney displays the Tri-Nado AL

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The Tri-Nado AL has a rotational start speed of 4.7 mph. And a measured TSR of 12.73 in a turbulent 10 mph wind.

The Tri-Nado AL is 5'2" foot of high speed power that weighs only three pounds assembled

Test Results.

Just in case you do not know what TSR stands for, it is how may times faster the tips of the blades run in respect to the oncoming wind.
The test for start and TSR were done in turbulent conditions.  When I had a solid 10 mph wind for a couple of seconds I locked the data on the rpm's.  Reading was 714 rpm's

The Math.

Rotor size - right at 5 foot 60"
5 times 3.14 = 15.7 foot circumference of rotor.

Wind - 10 mph times 88 = 880 feet per minute.

Rotor speed - 714 rpm's times 15.7' circumference = 11209.8 Rotor speed in feet per minute.
Fun tidbit - 11209.8 divided by 88 = 127.38 mph at the tips. WOW!

TSR - 11209.8 feet per minute rotor speed at the tips divided by 880 wind speed = 12.73 TSR.

Now that is fast rotor!!!!

TSR can vary depending on the day and the density of the wind.  This is the results I had on this day at this time.  It is intended to be a reference and at least an idea of what this rotor can do. 

See some TLG rotors in action.

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