The TLG-403-MM
Replacement rotor for all AIR series generators

AIR 403, AIR X, AIR Marine, Land AIR,
and certainly for the Breeze

The last set of blades you will ever buy. Absolute quiet operation.

Never in the history of TLG have we had customers unhappy with our products until we tried to make an upgrade blade for Southwest Wind Power's AIR series of turbines which include the AIR 403, AIR X, AIR Land, AIR Industrial, AIR Marine, and the Breeze.  We used the three AIR 403 units we had here for testing and felt we had done something great for those that bought these units in the past.
Although we have had some people raving about how wonderful they are we have now had just as many say they were not.  Our overall approval rating for this blade set reached 50/50, meaning that 50% of the people were happy, and the other 50% were not.  This 50/50 ratio has even shown itself to one of our customers who owns two of them and bought two sets.  One unit had the same amount of output while the other beside it dropped 1/3 of its output.  He was ok with this because his main complaint was the noise.  Quiet, smooth, and never break, fine, but may, or may not work as well with no way of knowing the end results until you try it...............  That is totally unacceptable in my way of thinking!
If you own one of these turbines I am sorry to say that you are stuck with buying another set of stock blades that will break off again and be just as noisy, or you can buy the generic (copy) version that sometimes comes with six blades that will be even more noisy and in the end will do the same thing as the stock one did.

I have spent too many years building a business with products that owners rave about and I will not risk loosing my reputation for having the best of the best over a turbine line that in my opinion is over-rated and under built and is in no way deserving of anymore of my time, money, and effort.

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