The Quadraflex AL

Rotational Start at 4.7mph

Andrea displays the Quadraflex AL rotor

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The Quadraflex AL has a rotational start speed of 4.4 mph.  

The Quadraflex AL weighs only 3.5 pounds assembled.

Due to the effect of multiple centers of gravity the Quadraflex was the only planned series of even numbered blade systems I was going to offer.

 My hub has been designed with the blade mounting holes offset from the center line to offset the weight of the bolts.  As you can clearly see in the pictures, by the location of the mounting holes in the blades, the mass of the blades are also offset from the center line of the hub.  Since my blades are light and offset along with the hub design I have virtually eliminated the effect of multiple centers of gravity on the Quadraflex series. 

So what is the big deal with even numbers?
On a rotor every time you have a blades or weight "straight opposite" of another you create a center of gravity.   These centers of gravity would not matter if everything is balanced and centered and the rotor was not EVER going to yaw back and forth with the changing wind directions.  But wind direction changes and causes the rotor to move on the generators vertical axis.  During this movement on an even numbered blade system you can feel the vibrations caused by the multiple centers of gravity.  This vibration will only serve to destroy your bearings and  shorten the life of your wind generator.

 I took the time in designing my 4 blade systems to virtually eliminate this effect because I know there are several people that like the look and power of 4 blades.

I have had requests for a 6-blade system but will not offer it because of the effect of multiple centers of gravity.

 See some TLG rotors in action.

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