The Power Disc MM
Aluminum blades virtually silent operation to 100 mph.
Traditional Look, Space Age Power.

Andrea displays the Power Disc MM rotor

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Perfect for hard to turn low rpm generators or for gear up systems.  It can be geared up to 1:4 for more output on smaller DCPM motors.

I am one of the many people that think the old water windmill on the open prairie is a beautiful site.  After proving the 10-blade system one I knew the MM rotor would make a beautiful wind generator in the air with the traditional look of yesteryear.

Lots of people have asked about running the Power Disc MM on the Ametek 99 VDC motor.  In a direct drive setup it runs about 1volt per mph of wind.  Anything above 13 mph and it does a nice job.

This rotor also does well on the Ametek 72 VDC motor.

This rotor is a powerhouse and it is smooth running beyond anything you could imagine.

Customers have rated this rotor to be good for an average of 500 watts of output on various DCPM motors.

The Power Disc MM is 46" in diameter.
10 Aluminum Blades
1 3/16" steel hub with a 1/2" center hole for mounting.
Nuts, Bolts, and Washers for assembly are included.
Silent operation.

The Power Disc MM weighs about 8 pounds assembled and is completely neighborhood friendly.

See some TLG rotors in action.

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WAS $349.99
NOW $249.00

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