The Cy-Clone

64" of shaft turning power.

Rotational Start and run at 3.5 Mph.

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The latest in a series of power rotors
Sleek new style with aggressive rpm gain.


The Cy-Clone is the perfect match for your modified alternator delivering exceptional low end performance from its widened profile while offering excellent top-end from being a two-blade system.

No Load RPM data:
5 mph 164 rpm
10 mph 314 rpm
20 mph 628 rpm
30 mph 928 rpm
40 mph 1257 rpm
50 mph 1541 rpm

The Cy-Clone features 8" wide roots on its blades which offers horsepower from the start.  Its feathered tips allow greater top-end rpm and ultra quiet operation.  The hub design has an expanded centerline to provide both a stronger hub, and true overall dynamic balancing.
All in all it is the perfect match for most any modified car alternator including the Hornet series also known as the SC series alternator, as well as the Mallard wind generators.
Its ability to produce and hold its rotational torque AKA horsepower at lower winds also allows it to work well with several other generators up to 800 "Real World" watts.

WindBlue Power did extensive testing on the Cy-Clone rotor and made it their rotor of choice for their modified permanent magnet alternators for many years.
WindBlue is currently selling blade sets which bare resemblances' to a TLG rotor.
TLG has been designing blade solutions for over a decade, and since it is unlawful to copy our design exactly you will have to choose for yourself if you want our experience with hubs and blade profiles, or a blade set that can only legally bare a resemblance to ours.
I've heard it said that close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades. ;-)

The Cy-Clone kit includes:
2 - 1/8" thick blades
1 - Laser cut hub made from a solid piece of 3/16th steel
All bolts, nuts, and washers for assembly.
Center hole is 17mm which is the same size as a modified car alternator.

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No Longer Available at WindBlue
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