The Boast Buster
4.5 OR 5 foot diameter
Rotational Start and run at 2.7 MPH.

Lacy displays the Boast Buster rotor

Creating the horsepower other rotors claim to.


The Boast Buster was developed primarily for the TLG Windpower generator heads because they required more low end horsepower than any of older models had to offer.
Testing has shown that it has the horsepower necessary to get your Hornet Generators buzzing, make the Mallard Generators quack, and we certainly cannot forget the ever popular WindBlue units.
Its ability to produce and hold its rotational torque AKA horsepower at lower winds also allows it to work well with several other generators up to 1000 "Real World" watts. 

As you can see in the pictures the Boast Buster with its "new look" feathered tips is a very unique design when compared to the other rotors offered in the TLG line.  Its very wide 8" root provides low end rotational torque to get the power out of lower winds.  Its "new look" feathered tip design controls the rpm it can produce overall.  Without them holding the rpms down the Boast Busters horsepower would simply burn up (smoke) most any motor it was attached to.  While other rotors may fall short and stall out under a load the Boast Buster would just keep pushing right on from the start which is why the "new look" feathered tips were a must.

There are several comments and pictures of the Boast Buster in action on the Customer Pictures page.  Here is the link to Brian's page who was the first to field test a Boast Buster on his Hornet. Click here to read Brian results.

This unit comes with 3 - 1/8" thick blades, one Laser cut hub made from a solid piece of 3/16th steel, along with the bolts, nuts, and washers for assembly.
Center hole is 17mm which is the same size as a modified car alternator.

Click here to read why this rotor was named the Boast Buster instead of the original thought of name the Tri-Nado Express.


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