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TLG Partnership Reseller Program
AKA TLG Windpower Stimulus Plan for TLG-500 owners.

First you are going to have to hear me rant just a bit to understand why I am doing this!

I have operated TLG for 6 years, and have done so by myself with help from the bank  I have worked many days and nights straight through without sleep, and from time to time worried if I could pay my bills.
As wind power has moved to the forefront of alternative energy sources, numerous investors, looking to expand TLG Windpower, have approached me.  However, I am not going to take their money. and here's why.  They don’t like my gross margins!  It has nothing to do with the quality that has gotten TLG to where it is today, just gross margins!  Their “strategy” for TLG is to cheapen up the units with proprietary parts and have a parts business on top of the TLG-500 unit sales.  I will not sacrifice quality to develop a parts business that is unfair to you the consumer.  I am also sick to death of being told by product distributors all across the US that they want 40% (at least) in order to resale the TLG-500.  I don't even make 40% on the unit selling it at direct retail price.  Quality costs money!
And last but not least, I am sick to death of all these new “fly by night” renewable energy companies springing up everyday taking advantage of the people that can least afford to be taken advantage of!  Now is the time that everybody and their dog are opening up renewable energy business with absolutely no knowledge of the concept of wind energy whatsoever.  Lots of them are doing this just to make a quick buck and could care less about the people that are spending their last few dollars trying to save themselves money.  Just because there are incentives and our current leader is behind renewable energy does not mean that it should be open season on the public.

With that said TLG wants to share with those that shared with TLG when they became a TLG-500 owner.  You investment can now pay for itself several time over quickly.  You can now be a part of a growing company that backs its wind generators up with support and years of knowledge.  A company that spends years developing a system concept before it releases it to make sure it is working the very best it can.

So here is the question: 

As a satisfied owner of a TLG-500 wind generator you know it is a rock solid solution that will blow away any unit in its size class, so would you would like to pick up some extra cash and still sleep at night knowing that you’re doing the right thing and actually helping people get the right product the first time so they don't get ripped off like thousands do each day?  Unfortunately some of you bought other would  be wind generator before you found TLG so you know exactly what I meant by saying that.  If your answer is yes then you need to call or send an email to TLG and we'll help you make money reselling our field proven TLG-500 wind generator system that you already know works better than anything out there rated to 2000 watts.

Before you call, I invite you to search the Internet to be sure that you are not the only satisfied owner of a TLG product.  Please feel free search for TLG Windpower and the TLG-500 Wind Generator.  See if you can find anyone anywhere that has a bad word to say about TLG Windpower or its products (other than "plants" by other wind generator companies that wish TLG would just go away before we take them out with our quality and performance and untouchable output).  Sorry guys that's not happening!
Once you realize why the Better Business Bureau lists TLG Windpower Products as an A+ accredited business with thousands of satisfied customers all over the world, then get in touch with us and I'll explain this very simple low cost to you business partnership.

You must have a phone:
You need to own a TLG-500 installed and pictured with your comments on the TLG website so we can prove a business connection, and
you can comfortably talk to people in the event that they ask you questions.
You cannot lie about the unit in any way, shape, form, or fashion.  We have quality, reliability, unbeatable output, along with 100% satisfied owners on our side so there's no need to boast it beyond the undisputable facts.

The opening comments on this page are simply my opinion; if they have offended anyone then I have to say. "TOUGH"!  I think its time to share with those that shared with TLG.

I look forward to talking with my new partners.

Terry.  (620) 422-3700