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If you use Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express you can join our mailing list by simply clicking on the Send Email animation below making no changes to the provided subject line.  Just send the email that will be automatically created for you.

I will send out email notes to all in the list.  Your email will be kept private, and only used for the propose of informing you of things of importance to TLG Windpower Products.
The definition of things of importance are those things that I think are important or interesting related to TLG Windpower Products.  We can hope that we share the same interests.
Updates may include products in the works, and updates on their progress, to new pages added to the site. 

You may receive as few as 1, to as many as 4 email notices per month depending on the latest news or additions to the TLG website.

You may be removed from the list at anytime by replying to an email and changing the subject to read REMOVE.

Thank you for your interest in TLG Windpower Products.

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Cut and paste is the easiest solution, any deviation from the subject line below we result in rejection from our automated system.

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