Jeff Lieland temporally installs in TLG-500 wind generator on his patio

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Hi Terry,
Just wanted to let you know I received my TLG-500, and boy is this thing built heavy duty. I mounted it to a ten ft pole strapped to my deck post on my back deck. I have know idea what the wind speed was but I'm seeing a steady 4 to 5 amps most of the time and as high as 14 in a gust. I also bought a Tri Metric meter and have it installed too. We have had a couple of days where I was only seeing 1/2 to 1 amp in a slight breeze, which tickles me pink. I'm installing a 28 ft tower to set this baby on, I can't wait to get it up. It should really kick some ass when I get it away from the house and above the trees. I will send you some pictures when I get it done. I have been playing around with wind turbines for a couple years and I have never seen this kind of results.
You have a great product here. Thanks!
Jeff Lieland

From temporary to permanent mounting

Update 3-31-09
Hi Terry,
I was able to get it up on the tower while I was on vacation. Here is some photo's of the TLG500 in action. It is spinning like crazy cranking out 8 to 9 amps steady for 2 days and more in a gust. I really have no way of knowing wind speed because we live on a ridge top and the local weather station in town doesn't get the winds we do, we are around 800 ft higher than them. All I know is that it works and works flawlessly. I thought the photo at sunset was cool.
Thanks again for a wind generator that actually works. Jeff


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