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Setting up your Intella-Controller

Thank you for your purchase of the Intella-Controller.  Your controller will provide you with valuable information that will help you maintain your battery bank system.Your controller is equipped with the following features:
Led status indicator lights BLUE indicating that the system is connected and the batteries are in some state of charge.  RED indicates that the Brake function is on, and GREEN that indicates that the load output terminal are switched on.  Auto senses battery type and voltage. Three phase AC input direct from your wind turbine.  Brake switch that you can manually activate to stop your turbine for an extended period of time.   Internal fan for protection against overheat during heavy operation caused by high wind events. 

Hooking your controller to your system;
First hook up your battery bank to the Battery Contacts on the end of the controller.  Failure to do so may cause controller damage. The controller will auto sense and adjust to your 12 or 24 volt bank and is programmed to deliver bulk and float phase charging. This feature ensures that the batteries are optimally charged.
Next, hook up your wind turbine to the 3-phase AC connections.  There is no certain order to the connection from your AC output turbine.

Output terminals can be connected in a couple of way.  You can use them to turn on and off different items such as small grid tie inverters or to directly run loads up to 35.5 amps on 12 volt systems.  It is not recommended that you connect this to large loads like power inverters, however you can still use the output terminals to run large loads by using a starter solenoids to carry the heavy current up into the 100’s of amps, and allow the controller to switch the solenoid on and off at selected voltage ranges to prevent the inverters/load from running your battery bank down too low which could damage your battery bank.

Using the buttons on the top panel;
 Mode and OK buttons on the Intella-Controller allows you to select the setting you would like to adjust or view. The + and – buttons allow you to adjust the settings on adjustable screens.  Make your setting according to the factors that best match your situation as explained below. 

Generator:  Displays the voltage of two of the three phase AC inputs. Either, A&B, A&C, or B&C
Brake Time:  The user adjustable amount of time in seconds that the turbine is held down in brake mode.
Brake On:  The user selectable maximum amount of amperage from the turbine before the brake is applied used to protect smaller battery banks or to protect the turbine and tower in high wind conditions.  (Adjust this setting according to your turbines high output specifications, or battery bank max input.  (NOTE: do not go down to zero and back around for higher amperage settings.  You must go from smaller amperage setting UP in numbers or the controller will not recognize the setting.  For the TLG-500-12 set it around 33 amps, for the TLG-500-24 set it around 18 amps.
User: Displays the actual load in amps placed on the (OUTPUT) terminals when they are activated by the controller. (Max 35.5A)
User On: The user adjustable voltage point that the (OUTPUT) terminals are switched on.
This setting is used to switch on certain items like small grid tie inverters etc.
User Off: The user adjustable voltage point that the (OUTPUT) terminals are switched off.
This setting is used to shut the output terminals off to prevent running your battery bank down.  Set it at the lowest point that you want the connected item to run.
User Ah: The amount of Amp hours that have been consumed through the (OUTPUT) terminals.
Power: The instant readout of wattage being produced by the turbine to the hundredth of a watt.
If both wind and solar are being used, the reading will display total incoming power.
Charge Total: The total amount of Kwh that has been produced by all inputs.
Charge Ah: The amount of Amp hours produced into your battery bank.
Charge Off:  The user adjustable voltage point that the controller stops charging and enters brake mode.  Set this to best match your battery bank according to your battery supplier’s specs.
V  /  I :  The instant readout of the battery bank voltage and Amperage input to your battery bank to the hundredth.