Walters generator on his boat The CHATONDEFOI.
Flying the Power Disc MM Rotor

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homemadepower.jpg (70073 bytes)
Cool optical illusion from the rotation of the blades

flyingwitholeglory.jpg (26736 bytes)

happysailor.jpg (64989 bytes)

CHATONDEFOI.jpg (32320 bytes)
Meaning little cat of faith

Hi Terry, I finally got this project finished.
These blades start moving long be for anybody else's do here at the mooring in San Diego.

I rounded off the box I built for the gen to cut down the wind-age.  I have
it restricted to .degree turn.  (I don't like torn sails.)  The sea gulls stay clear too.
Be leaving for our cruse to Fl. via Panama.  I feel we will have plenty of
charge power.
Thank you

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