Scott's TLG-500 in Alaska.
Gotta love the rainbow he captured in the pictures

Comments below the image.


Scott found his pot of Gold


Last but not least the beautiful view Scott and his family have.


Comments from Scott

I am going to send you a few pictures in separate emails because my off grid wireless Internet connection sometimes disconnects on large files right in the middle. I still haven't had time to get my TLG500 up above my tree line. My tower is at 40 feet now but my trees turned out to be 65 to 80 feet tall after I cut some down and measured them. I did move my temporary living quarters over to where I am doing the dirt work for my house and have clean air space to the south. Made a big difference in the output of the TLG500 as it stays in to the wind when it comes from the south from the mountains and across the river valley. I have seen 12.6s amp during a steady wind but am not sure of the wind speed though my meter was showing 16mph I believe I might have it mounted to close to the generator blades and is causing interference. Lots of 2 to 6 amp charging in low winds and about 1/2 amp down close to 4mph. These pictures were taken at 11pm on the 24th of June and you can see it is still fairly light out. I was still running the dozer with out head lights. You are welcome to use them if you want to. Hope things are going good for you and you are selling lots of TLG500s.


ADDED: 12-25-07
156 amp hours in 6 hours

Hi Terry,
    Just wanted to let you know that the TLG 500 held up well in winds between 35 and 63 mph for over 6 hours.  Most of it was in the 30 to 40 mph range.  It was putting out 28 to 30 amps at 13.8 volts into my batteries most of that time with a couple of 35-36 amp bursts that never lasted long enough to pop my 30 amp breaker.  156 amp hours in 6 hours and more as the wind started dying down over the next 3 or 4 hours.  Found out that my diversion load is not big enough so it was a good thing I was home to turn on everything in the house so I did not boil my batteries dry.  You can also let customers know that it has worked just fine at 35 below zero and 15 mph winds with gusts to 35 mph for around 8 hours.  It took a 1-2 mph more wind to get started due to cold bearings than at around 0 degrees which is pretty good for extreme cold.  I cranked it down just to check all the connections etc. and the bearings were still tight and quiet.  My friends think I have lived in Alaska to long and just don't understand why I look forward to and enjoy the windy weather even in the extreme cold of winter.  Hope all is going well.  I am making 7-8 amps as I write this.

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