Rob's 36 volt 5 horsepower Generator flying in Windsor Ontario Canada

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A view of his telescopic tower system
Note the wires inside the pipe.

The hand wench to raise and lower the pipe

The brackets and top pulley to raise and support the top section

A nice meter system as well

Comments from Rob.

I purchased my Boast Buster from Terry a little while ago and put it on my Hornet.  I noticed longer spans of amperage delivery and the noise from the original stock plastic blades of the Hornet was gone. I was so impressed with the quality of this blade I took it one step further and wanted to try a 36 volt 5 horse generator.  Terry was good to sell me just a hub so I could modify the center hole because this generator had a .750 (3/4") arbor on it.  This setup has enough horse power to develop 12 amps at 20-25 mile per hour winds.
Im looking forward to dealing more with Terry in the future because he has offered great information and help especially for a
meddler like my self
J   I think hes got the best product out there for blades and hubs for sure and he is very knowledgeable in the systems.
Thanks Terry

Rob From Windsor Ontario


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