Randy Hargraves's Ametek 99 AKA (The Boss99).

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Comments from Randy


To: TLG Wind Power Products
      Att: Terry
From:  Randy Elston Hargraves
                 Living in the Cultural Center of the Universe
Terry, Check out my Wind Charger:
These Pictures were all taken at night, thus the black back ground.
It really made my silver, clear coated, famous, TLG Boast Buster Blades, (B.B.B.), Stand out, I think that the Gold Metal Flake Yaw and the Silver Boost Buster Blades complement each other, and the Black back Ground really set it off.

The Yaw works Great, Very functional, with a nice style. You may recognize it. It is also, a TLG Wind Power Products, product. I also, really like how the Vain Bracket is centered as opposed to being off center. It is a Very Strong Durable Yaw and Simplistic in design. Yes, a great engineering job.

Also, here you can see my Ametek 99. This is the (Permanent Magnetic Motor/Generator) that You made Famous. I am proud to say that I now have 4 Ametek 99s. 

The Arbor is also, a product that you so kindly supplied for me. 
Here you can see, my stylish Vain. 
Something, else that you can't see, here is the Charge Controller and the diode.
Here, you can see that I didn't have the generator wire running down the center of my towering pole, Yet.
Wow, Terry,  You made everything so, easy for me. 
So, thank you for making quality products available and at very reasonable prices.
Furthermore, Thanks for your input, that has been added to the wind power technology, along with the wind power understanding that you have made available to so many of us, here in the public. 
Really, Mankind, Animal life, Plant life and the Earth itself benefits from this kind of technology.
Thanks again for your input.
Randy Elston Hargraves
Yukon, Oklahoma


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