A 12 volt system built by Pete from Michigan (Ametek 50)

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Pete used the tube method of waterproofing
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The first thing I have to do is thank Terry for all of his help.  When it comes to wind power he is a wealth of knowledge.  I can easily see Terry and his products becoming the future of homegrown wind energy.  He also stands behind all of his products and that really makes me feel great any time I make a purchase from him.

My first Turbine is an Ametek 50 with Terry's aluminum blades.  It has incredible startup speed and with some good wind those blades really fly.
Right now I don't have enough testing numbers but I know from the way my batteries are charging it will pay for itself soon.  The next one I will build is with the Ametek 30 so I can take advantage of the lighter winds.
Both of my nephews have now gotten involved and we together have learned a lot and had a blast doing it.  We can't wait to build the next one.

If anyone out there is asking his or her self this question: should I build one or not?
Build it, its fun and gratifying and Terry has almost everything you need and he even helps make it fun..

Thanks again Terry

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