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Pumping water with wind

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Oklahoma Wind Power's Water Pumping System

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With water on the ground looks like they are getting plenty out of their system.

Comments from Mike Miller of Oklahoma Wind Power.

Hi Terry,

Here is a couple of photos of a prototype water pumping windmill that is running with a set of your Tri-Nado Elite blades.
This windmill has a stroke of 10 inches, and is pumping water from a depth of 100 feet!
In the picture, it appears that the blades are not turning, but trust me, the camera is LYING, they are spinning like crazy. The camera shutter is just too fast in the bright sunlight. The wind was blowing approximately 20 MPH and the mill is pumping between 6 to 8 GPM (gallons per minute).

As a further note to your customers, we have found your blades to perform with more torque and better speed than anything else that we have tested. We have seen a set of "Elite" blades survive winds in excess of 85 MPH with no damage, and they run so smooth and quiet that nothing have tested even comes close in comparison. Anyone that doesn't think that the aluminum blades are not "tough enough" has not had the first hand experience that we have had.
I had sent you some pictures previously of some "supposedly" carbon fiber composite blades that are sold in huge quantities on EBAY. We had two sets of these blades up and running a while back, and in a 65 MPH wind the tips failed and separated.  The Manufacturer who claims a "lifetime warranty" on his blades refuses to warranty them, saying that "no one else of my 30,000 + customers has had this problem, so tell your neighbors to stop shooting at your wind generators" 
It is a shame that vendors like that are not uncovered by the public, but there seems no way to get the word out.   This particular manufacturer doesn't even publish or release his phone number.
Let this be a warning to your customers.  If a business does not want to talk to you on the phone, you probably don't want to do business with them.

Keep up the good work, your blades are working wonderfully for us and we will continue to purchase them from you.

Mike Miller
Oklahoma Wind Power

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