A 24 volt (downwind) gear head by Mike Miller 
of Oklahoma Wind Power

downwindsm.jpg (54000 bytes)
Here is a very good looking downwind in the design phase by Oklahoma Wind Power.

See a video of this unit in the air.
Turn up your sound and note that you can hear the Alternator but not the 7 foot Elite rotor.
If you are on Dial Up this may take longer than 13 minutes to load.



Here are some pictures that Mike Miller sent to give you all a very clear message.

Here we see the test tower that Oklahoma Wind Power uses to run tests on different generators.  This is not a permanent tower and was not designed to handle high winds.  Unfortunately for Mike a storm came up all the sudden and deliver him some 100 mph winds.

136-3665_IMG.JPG (23492 bytes)
You can see the tower is a break-over pole design for testing, however it was not supposed to break over where it did!.

136-3664_IMG.JPG (15848 bytes)
Even with a set of guy wires toward the top the 1 1/2 inch pipe is just not strong enough to handle the lateral thrust causing it to give way in the middle of the tower.

136-3663_IMG.JPG (13046 bytes)
It may have held up if there would have been guy wires in the middle, but that would have made it tough to work with as a test stand.

Mike hopes that sharing this ordeal with all of you will help someone not loose their generator from under building their tower.

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