Nigel installs his TLG-500 in Haliburton

Brief Comments below the image.

Hi Terry,

We installed the TLG-500 over the weekend at our cottage in the Haliburton Highlands county of Southern Ontario - I used a 35' TV tower and a ten foot length of 1-7/8" inch OD. pipe, and she just flies! At 45' the TLG-500 is about 10' below the tree line, so in all likelihood I will raise the generator another 20', once the neighborhood gets acclimatized to my shiny new toy.
I ran 3 #8 and a ground 50' from the generator towards the component backboard, and that's as far as I got. I would like to buy a diode and some other gear once I get my batteries and inverters, but right now I don't know what I need. I have an MPPT 60 to handle the solar panels I have yet to buy, but will probably hook up the TLG-500 for now.
Thanks for a great product,
Nigel Wimbush, PMP

More to come when he get more of his system installed.


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