Another water pumping system by Oklahoma Wind Power.
This is a direct drive wind generator to water pump system.

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Comments from Mike.


Hi Terry

It was great getting to meet you face to face a few weeks ago.  My time has been short lately (what else is new?) but I do have a few pictures to send you that you.

I have inserted some attached pictures that you might want on your website.  These are your blades turning one of the Chinese no name PMA's that is powering a submersible pump.  The pictures were taken when the wind was reading 6 to 10 at ground level.  The tower is only 20 feet off the ground, and is actually located in a poor spot.  It is in a small canyon and you cannot see the windmill from the road from 1/2 mile either side of it. Obviously it doesn't get the wind that is truly available, but I haven't had time to build a taller tower for it yet.  The interesting thing about this installation is that the water is only approximately 50 to 60 feet below ground, and the pump is producing an average of 20 to 25 GPM.  The only problems that I have had is your blades are working too good, yep you heard me right.  I designed this installation according to all the specifications that I had available.  The pump will run on 30 to 300 VDC, and has an internal switch that disconnects the pump if it is over or under these parameters.  The alternator is rated @ 165 Volts, and 500 watts.  The problem has been that the alternator is making more power than the pump can handle, causing the 165 volt PMA to go over 300 volts in 18 to 20 MPH gusts.
This constant cycling has burned up the controller in 3 pumps so far.
I am not asking for your help on this problem, I have a solution in the works that is going to take care of it.  I just wanted you to see another picture of a successful installation using TLG's turbine blades.

I should be completing the construction of a 3KW turbine today, that is using a set of your extreme blades.  As soon as I gather some data, I will send it, along with some pictures of this new project.

Keep up the good work, your company has been a real pleasure to work with, and we have never had an issue with any of your products.  Your honesty is a rare thing in this industry, and there are many out there that could learn from you that they should just tell the truth about their products, instead of their take the money and run attitude.  I know that you have some
previous photos that I sent you of the fabled "carbon fiber" blades that I had failure with quite some time ago.  I think that it is now time to step forward and speak out against this manufacturer.  You are free to publish this statement on your web site, along with the failed rotor pictures that I seem to remember seeing on your pictures page already.

The manufacturer of these blades, and the worthless PMA that he also builds goes by the business name of Hydrogen Appliances.  His name is Bob Green, and he sells a lot of merchandise on Ebay under the handle of qaz661.  You will see tons of praise on his feedback, which I would guess is testimony to the fact that the feedback system is flawed.  I suspect that the majority of the people that leave this feedback would love to go back and change it after running his equipment for a short time frame.  I have never tested any of his PMA's that even come close to performing to speck, and in 60 MPH winds the most that I ever got out of a 24 volt "hornet" was just under 100 watts.  This is a shame, I just don't understand how this business man stays in business.  Sure his stuff has a GREAT price, but it simply does not perform and beyond that, I have yet to get him to warranty any of his products.  The pictures that I sent you were 2 sets of his blades that failed in a storm with recorded winds of just over 65 MPH.  You can plainly see that the rotors threw the tips, some pieces that are missing are 6 inches or longer.  If this doesn't send shivers down your back, it certainly does mine.  What if those tips, traveling at several hundred MPH would have hit a human target???  What if they had went into the neighbors roof, or through his/her window.  After making several attempts to get Mr. Green to warranty these blades, I finally just gave up.  I really didn't want replacement of them any way, because I refuse to put them back in the air, and would certainly not want to sell them to anyone, just to recover my own
losses.  He always insisted in his email replies that my failure was the only one that he had ever heard of, and his last email, prior to blocking my inbound mail to him was "have your neighbors stop shooting at your rotors".
Terry, I know that you were testing some of these blades yourself at one point, and had the same type of tip failure.  I really feel it is time to tell the truth about this charlatan.

Anyway, enjoy the attached photos, and stay in touch.

Your Friend, and business associate.

Mike Miller
Oklahoma Wind Power

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