Mikes Ametek 50 Generator

Comment from Mike

  Let me start with saying I bought your blades with great skepticism. I never would of believed how quite they can be, and how easy they start in the wind. My gen is a homemade one made with a 50v ametek motor. Your tri-nado mm blades work perfectly on it. The mill starts in about 7 mph and seems to be making power at about 10 mph. I am telling everyone I know that has the air type mills that they need your blades, I making power when there mills are not even turning.
  I do have one wish, as the ametek surplus is drying up, I wish you could post some info on what else works good for a generator. I am impressed with your mill you sell, but I like building things from junk, so I want to make a couple more mills from scratch.
  I have included a pic of my mill, and feel free to post it on your web site, I would recommend you to anyone. I am also interested in becoming a dealer for your parts and mills. Let me know what we can do.
  Well thank you again for designing a great blade system. I can not wait to see more of your work.
                                                      Mike Falconer


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