Kurt's Ametek 40 with the Tri-Nado MM.

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A view of Kurt's temporary setup.

Kurt's first impression of the blades was not very good.  Notice in the picture above that the blades are assembled correctly but mounted on the generator backwards the way that most people think they should go.
Here's what Kurt had to say:

Attached is a photo of my windmill 450 miles south of the border.  The blades were really flying down there but my motor did not put out as much power as expected.  It basically works as a nice trickle charger.  I will probably build another wind with one of your new generators.  Those look promising. 
Thanks, Kurt

My reply:
Hey Kurt..
Take the rotor off the shaft... turn it around so that the blades are facing the right direction....
Then see how it does my friend.  They don't do so well mounted on the generator backwards.. ;)
You're not the first to do this..

On his next trip down there he turns the blades around.

Notice the view that Kurt and his family have there.  Now that is what I call beautiful !!!

Comments from Kurt after the rotor was turned around.

Attached are new photos of my windmill with the rotor facing the right direction.  When I put it up it was like firing up a Cessna.  I got 50 open volts out of my Ametek 40 right away.  With the rotor backwards I only saw about 18 open volts.
Thanks, Kurt

Naturally the Cessna comment made me wonder if he was hearing noise off of an MM series rotor so I immediately inquired:
Are you saying the rotor was noisy?????

Kurt's reply:
No. You could definitely hear it but it was not what I would call noisy.  When it was turned around backwards it was nearly silent.  The change in noise (and power) was noticeable.  When I said Cessna I was referring to wind movement noise not engine type noise.  To put the noise in context you need to know that I park my camper and sleep about 20 feet away from it so I do not foresee it being a bother.  The other thing is it was more of a constant white noise than a periodic type noise (woo woo woo) I have heard from other blades.  
Remember, I get a ton of wind and with all the wind moving through those blades it makes some noise.  I have attached a short video of what a windy day looks like.  Everyone was forced in doors this day due to all the sand blowing around.  I will make a video of the blades in action and send it to you so can see and hear it for yourself.
Some people warned me away from windmills due to the noise.  I have not found it to be a problem and your rotor is the quietest one I have seen.  Since I am asking you for another set of blades for a Ametek 72 I built you know I am happy with what I am getting.
Thanks, Kurt

See the short video of the wind he is talking about.
Wind at Kurt's place

On dial up this video may take up to 5 minutes to load.


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