Kelly Gernhart's Ametek 99 & Quadraflex AL

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Getting it setup
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Closer view
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Up close
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Comments from Kelly Gernhart for this setup.

Hi Terry,
   I got my Ametek 99V motor in the mail Thursday and took the day off Friday to build my first wind generator using your blades.  I'm attaching a couple of photos from this morning.  One of the photos shows the chicken coop and shed I'm hoping to power with the output.

I used aluminum angle for the frame and mounted it on 1" piece of
galvanized pipe with a Tee and floor mounting adapter on top.  The
generator frame bolts to the floor mounting and the generator cable runs through the tee into the center of the tower.  The 1" assembly slides inside of the 1 1/4" heavy wall conduit "tower".   I put a plastic
bushing on top of the 1 1/4" conduit for the assembly to spin on.  It
seems to turn easily now, but I'll keep an eye on it.

With no load it was spinning so fast it was whistling, so I hooked my
old RV deep cycle battery up to give it some load and calm it down a
little.  What would you suggest for type of battery to build a bank
with.  I would like to have at least 200 AH of storage at 12V and want
them to last a few years anyway.

Thanks for your blades and your web-site....

Kelly Gernhart
Spring Hill, KS


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