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Comments from John.


Hi Terry,
I could not wait to finally tell you the windmill is now up!
As expected, no wind to give me charge power, however solar has come to the rescue for the moment. I have built up a hybrid systems and is wise to do so in my area as sometimes it is dead still here but usually the sun will be out on those days.
I did however get a fright and thought I wired something incorrectly when all of a sudden, my control panel had lit up the wind light indicating the mill was turning as soon as I wired it into the controller.  As it turned out, there was just enough wind to light the control indicator but not enough power to break over the battery voltage on the power diode to start positively charging.
A friend of mine who helped me erect the tower, rushed out and yelled out that it was actually spinning up and seemed to be following path of my anemometer so in fact was working fine.  Hitting the brake switch on the controller confirmed the circuit worked a treat and brought the mill to a stop in about one second.
Perfect start... Come on wind! :)
Anyhow, all I can say at the moment is after many weeks and much effort, I have now built my bird and set it to fly.  All I need now is a nice windy day to come to produce some power. According to our weather forecast for the next week, Thursday and Friday has 'Windy' forecasted and looks to be the days I will start to see how things go. :)
As I promised,  I have attached a few pictures of my system you are welcome to post as you please along with any information i have so far provided in this email.
When I have tested it for a while, I will be able to give you some good data on how the system is performing and any updated news I may find in that time.
I have all confidence that these blades will be perfect for this windmill once the wind picks up as while I have type this email, I just witnessed my load current being reduced by nearly an entire amp for a short period of time as a small wind gust passed overhead.  Checking my anemometer, average over 12 seconds was only 6kph so this thing will produce.
I wish to thank you again for your support and interest in my home built generator.
Also another thing I wish to say, the generator looks professional and just fantastic up there with those blades.  Over the road seeing them spin up in the dull dusk light behind my array of antennas brought on a huge smile of satisfaction just like a kid getting his surprise ice-cream.
Below I have made a list which gives you an idea of my system layout and what it will be used for:
Purpose: Radio Communications Hybrid Solar / Wind System and emergency lighting system.
The Wind Generator:
Ametek 30V DC motor.
Rotor: TLG Tri-Nando MM
Frame: Home built from angle iron, black steel tubing and a 'Ford' tension pulley off a motor for a yaw system that yaws in as little as 1.5 - 2kph breezes.  The tail is of a furling design similar to published in some of Hugh Piggotts designs. It is just in case we get a lashing and need just a little governing and stress relief of the mill in a storm.
The entire contraption is pole mounted up from a flat section of roof on a two story house - approximately 45 feet or higher.  I will have to work this out, but it looks dam high from over the road!
BP 12V 50W solar panel.
Plasmatronics PL20 for solar panel and is configured to shunt regulate the wind generator in hybrid mode.
PLS2 to read and store wind generator charge and also capture data on outgoing loads from the battery banks.
Wind Generator Controller II
Home built box to give visual indication on what mode of power is being supplied to the bank, current supplied real time from the wind generator and indication of when the PL20 is diverting or dumping power to a dump load circuit.
Deep cycle flooded cell - 12V @ 90AH capacity.
Power outputs:
Direct 12V output from bank to power radio equipment and low voltage lighting plus a small 300W power inverter to produce 240V AC mains power when required.
Cheers Terry, I will keep it short and give you a quick update on performance probably in a month from now.
Have a great day, Kind regards
John from Melbourne, Australia


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