John's TLG-500 in New York State.

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John in his TLG-500 shirt

Comments from John

Hi Terry,

As you probably have heard a thousand times before, the TLG-500 is a wind turbine that none of the competition can touch for the same size turbine!!!
A thing of real beauty as well. I am as you know going to purchasing a second one in April.
Keep up the fantastic work!

John M. in N.Y.

Picture Technical Details

There are a couple of pictures of the power center still in fashion, until I am satisfied with all my circuits. I run all 2/3'rds of the lights in the house, my television, sometimes two, and when the tlg-500 is producing 50+ amps I run the vacuum cleaner and even the battery charger to recharge two marine deep cycle batteries for spare power. The inverters an Exetech 1100 watt pure sine wave and already WAY TOO small.

For the guy wire mounting I used 3/16's steel which I purchased from Home Depot. I used a bottle of map gas to heat up the pieces and bent them in a vice to a rough circle then finished shaping them by hammering them over a piece of the tower.
I used the same steel only a different configuration for guy wire attachments
I know the guy wires are way to big, but hey if you got it already why not use it.

Updated Added 3-5-08

Terry, my wife and I are delighted to tell you that with change in our energy usage, a few bulb changes (480 watts replaced with compact Florissant lights, same light output), plus two months of great wind, we reduced our electric bill $88.00 Nov.-Dec., and 80.00, Jan. - Feb. Great job!!!
Thanks John & Amy

Updated Added 8-10-08

Hi Terry, This is John M. It's been a little over a year since I put up the TLG-500 and here are some facts I have learned:
You need wind to make power, the winter, spring and fall here in Western N.Y. is fantastic, 20-30 mph. average, in the summer very little wind, so I decided to use solar.
I have 400 watts of solar @ 27.5 amps, sounds impressive, it's not. I tied it into my battery system hooked up with the TLG-500 and I am VERY DISAPPOINTED in the results. The panels are not much more than a trickle charger for my 1100 amp. hr. battery bank. I did some figuring to size up the solar bank I would need to match just one TLG-500.
Using the 10% rule for battery charging, 1100 amp hr. requires 110 amps of charging power , that is roughly sixteen - 125 watt panels @ 7.25 amps each equaling 9200 watts @roughly 114 amp hrs. The cost of this array would be around $10,000 dollars including shipping but DOES NOT include installation costs!!!
The second TLG-500  that I believe I purchased in April, will be installed sometime this month, (God willing).
The TLG-500 is a real bargain for those who want some reliable back up power. providing there is wind.
Well, there you have an update on a great wind turbine. You know if I had the room I would have 10 of them.
Thanks for the great product, and after I put up the second TLG-500 Fall should be here with it's winds, I'll have another update then.
John M. in Penfield N.Y.

Updated Added 12-26-08

Okay Terry here is the scoop for Dec. 2008 for my second turbine, The tower is standard home depot steel pipe 2-1/2" with 2" pipe on the inside, 3/4"-5hard bolts, 1/4" aircraft cable, turn buckles that attach at six places on the tower and three places at the ground. Two hundred pounds of concrete at each point where it ties to the ground, six hundred pounds for the tower. The tower is  double folding, one at the base shown in the pictures and one half way up, Put the whole tower together pulling up at the middle point then attach your cables using them to stand the whole tower up, then attach the cable to the attachment points on the ground. S-I-M-P-L-E as pie. I used , at first, only one set of cables but the turbine shimmied, the second set stiffened it up like a rock. Now about the power INCREASE, YIKES, Christmas eve 2008, we had winds from 35-50mph., My dump load is a rear seat 12vdc heater, well the dump load was on, five house lights, one TV. one radio playing Christmas music, the Christmas tree, The Christmas lights, a blower on a natural gas fireplace, and a battery charger, 15-17vdc was being poured into my six l-16's and warped two of the battery plates. NOW THAT IS COOL!! I'm not too fond of the battery damage, but it is all education to me. AS you can see I have 500 watts of solar as back-up when the wind doesn't blow. The solar panels have a new control dc to dc mppt. Well there you have it, I'm going to increase my dump loader to 50amps to handle the extra current, an put into line another set of l-16's, OH YEAH, we had to leave that night for about an hour and a half, We HAD TO leave the lights on, there was no place for all that extra power to go. I don't think people believe nor understand these power generators and their potential, I invite anyone interested, or non believer to come to my home on a windy day... Happy New Year. John M. in Penfield N.Y.

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