Jeremy Bernal proves TLG rotors are not just for land.

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My boat  was built in 1970 and came with an abundance of outdated but still very functional gear when I bought it last year.  One of these items was a fixed-mount wind generator with a wooden 2-bladed prop.  The braking is done via a bicycle brake that grips behind the arbor.
During a storm, the brake cable snapped and got caught in the prop, chewing the wood up and opening it to moisture.  The missing wood and water soaking into the prop put it severely out of balance.   It was useless, and beyond repair after that. The old prop had a diameter of 60 inches, and it made my search for a replacement absolutely impossible.  My last-ditch attempt was to look on ebay, and sure enough there it was!
I had to have the new prop drilled and a sleeve machined to fit over the arbor to take up the space of the old prop (its base was 2 inches thick), but the results are well worth the trouble.  The lighter weight brakes faster, spins in lighter winds, and totally outperforms the old prop.  With winds of about 7 knots, from an angle, (the generator cannot turn to face the wind, not a problem at anchor but the boat is in a slip right now,) the generator was putting out enough juice to put charge to the battery.  My meters are not good enough to give any amperage details;  I'll try to find someone at the marina with stuff to measure and get back to you on the numbers.

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with the 3-bladed wind prop I bought from you on Ebay.  It's mounted on my sailboat's wind generator and now kicks out loads of power for me.  It starts turning at even lower wind velocities than you had advertised.  It's a lot quieter and better balanced than my old wooden prop, and spins at even higher rpms.
Kudos to you for making an excellent product!

Jeremy Bernal

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