Jeff's TLG-500 in Tennessee.

Comments below the image.

Jeff's TLG-500

A side view

Jeff's 3-phase rectifier wired  and mounted.

Comments from Jeff

Terry wanted to let you know that I have the TLG500 up and flying on a small 10 Foot tower.
I am very impressed with its engineering and OUTPUT/AMPERAGE!
Just about any decent wind that just get those blades spinning, puts out 1 Amp Quickly and climbs quickly from there (My mount is not that high up or in the greatest location).  I have seen 7 or 8 amps so far in what I would call low wind. I will update you once I get more winds of higher magnitude. 
I have tried many different wind products over the last couple of years, and just getting 1 Amp out of some of them, takes storm weather.  Who has 20-30 MPH winds all the time, not many of us in the U.S.
Remember Amperage charges batteries, and 3 to 4 Amps does not sound like a lot, but if you can make that in common winds, it adds up Quickly. With the TLG500 3 to 4 Amps is just the start -- I look forward to 20 to 30 MPH winds that we get here somewhat frequently (Will Update you on that).
The way I see it, if you cannot make power in common winds of 10-15 mph, you should get solar panels. Now Most of these other wind products on the market today are JUNK!  As you state, there 600 watt unit is really 120 watts at 50 MPH, and in 10 to 15 MPH, do you know what a Condor puts out? ZERO Amps!!!
I know there are a lot of people buying these types of units, and I feel bad for them.
I have attached couple photos for your website.  Feel free to post them and any other comments I have said.
Thanks Jeff
Hilham TN

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