The TLG-500 at Mountain Power and Solar, LLC. in Colorado

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Comments from Jeff Jones of Mountain Power and Solar, LLC

As the President of a company that designs, installs and maintains residential and commercial alternative energy systems I personally test and validate products before we recommend them to customers. Here in Colorado at altitudes between 8000 and 10000 feet above sea level, electricity through wind generation is not always the best choice. This is due primarily to the density of the air. Wind generators that perform well in other parts of the country fail miserably at our altitude.

As we looked at the TLG 500, we found the power output at 9000 feet above sea level to be equal to a unit rated at almost twice the rating of the TLG 500. In addition to the great power from the TLG, we also noticed it starts to create useable power well before the others, which makes it great for our days of low to medium wind.

We do not believe the TLG will be exempt from damage due to lightning, but we like the fact it is field serviceable with many parts such as the bearings and rectifiers available locally.
This means our customers will not have to wait the customary month to get wind power back after lightning damage.

We recommend this generator to anyone looking at small to medium range wind power generation units and look forward to the release of the TLG grid tie unit in the near future.


Jeffrey Jones
President, Mountain Power and Solar, LLC.
+1 719-332-9931

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