Brent Hasty's Down Wind System
Flying the Prairie Star MM

phto0013.jpg (113362 bytes)

phto0014.jpg (71744 bytes)
So far this is the coolest optical illusion of my rotors I have seen.

Words from Brent

From a pile of parts to a working model in 48 hours.

Let the pile of available parts and material define the geometry for the
device. From the arrival of my 48" diameter 5 blade prairie star windmill
rotor to powering my home within 48 hours. Within 2 days I came up with an idea and implemented it into physical operation. And I must say it is working well ;-)

So now the windmill farm has been birthed from here it will grow, first to
supply all my home and shop power needs, to the needs of executive order
121213 (supplying our government its mandated green power).

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