George installs his TLG-500 in Alaska

Brief comments below the images.
More to come when it goes up in the air.

I don't know about you but that just looks cold!

One person already said the Yaw bracket was built like a bridge.  George is testing that comment.

Brief comments from George

Well, I'm awake, were back from the states. I appreciated your call this morning. As promised I have included a picture of the progress I have made on my TLG-500. I believe it is like you instructed in your e-mails. I will be up and flying real soon. We are a little more laid back here in Sutton than the Lower Forty Eight, but progress is moving ahead. Snow is packed hard at 3 to 4 feet in depth. But it's perfect for a natural vertical stand for this bird. Been there a month now like that. Well more to follow.
-George in Alaska

George gets his unit raised with the help from a couple of friends.

More comments added 2-19-07

Well Terry,
We don't move too fast here in Alaska, but today it's up and running. The wind was slow today. So it was the perfect day for raising it. As you know I'm going with a the 2" inch pipe, down sized to an inch and a half at the Wind Generator and 1/8th in. aircraft cable guy wires.
I used a "Rigid" brand 12 gauge extension cord to get to the rectifier. I used Rigid brand because it is rated to 57 below and this is Alaska. Then I used stranded 8 gauge from the rectifier to the batteries. I'm going with a 12 volt system for now, because I already had a 12 volt inverter.
I used a 3 foot section of 1 1/2" pipe to offset for the extension cord to run through. I welded a 3/16" gusset plate on both sides where both pipes over lapped each other 12" and ran a solid bead down all the edges. After a high speed buff clean, I heated the new metal and added primer and paint to match the galvanized pipes.
Terry, I really like the close tolerances. Even on the cable clamp bracket, I used a nut driver to loosen it to get the wire through and tighten again. Close tolerances are the only way to go. I feel real confident that nothing will start to egg out after a few years of use.
That is one sealed unit you have there, I can't see how any water in going to get in there and I feel confident of no rusting to any bearings.
Another great thing is the workmanship that goes into one of these things. I was impressed from the start. Very sturdy. I love the tail it is just right for tailing that thing in a strong wind. As we talked before, we get about 30 to 50 mile per hour winds or better. It is about 10 miles per hour now and spinning away.
I will have a meter on it in a few days (yeah right) but seriously I will get one soon and let you know what I'm putting out then.
Well, as you know I'm pleased and need to purchase 2 more to complete my farm. I will be getting a hold of you this summer as we talked (when they are a little easier to get up) for the other 2.
Thanks again,
George in Alaska

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