A fine 12 volt system built by Gary from New York.
This generator is flying my original Polyvinyl blades!

Comments below the image.

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When I started out I had the thin root Polyvinyl blades and a lot less clearance between my blades and the pole only to find one morning that two were broke off due to striking the pole.
Upon speaking with Terry on this, he replaced the blades for me, and I then bought another 3 blade set to try out.  I extended the distance and everything has been fine.

I built this Generator out of some crashed up Nascar parts.  I used some 2 inch box Aluminum for my main frame, I bored a hole in it using the little format on building a wind mill for size of blades.  So needing a tail I came upon some crashed Aluminum body panels which were already power coated.  I used two Aluminum "U" channels to sandwich the tail piece and slid them inside the box tubing.  I then bolted it together.   I pushed a bronze bushing into the box tubing for the pivot.  I welded a bolt on top my pole and set the Generator on the bolt.

Now with the new 99 boss coming with your new Aluminum blades I may shorten up the front.  Hell no, if it works good why change it!!
My system just shows that you can build them out of anything that's just laying around, and thank you Terry for all the help and info you gave.
Thanks again

His Patriotic Boss99
With the Quadra flex AL

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His Patriotic Boss99
With the Power Disc AL

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His Primary Ametek 30 Generator with the Tri-Nado AL sitting beside its big brother the Boss99 with the Power Disc AL

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See Garys' twin system after it crashed to the ground.
(A sad site to see)

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