Remote Electric Fence Battery Maintainer System
Built by TLG Windpower (me) ;)

During the field install.
fence1.jpg (26351 bytes)

We pounded a 7 foot "T" stake in the ground 3 foot deep.
Then we sat the 8' piece of 1 1/2" pipe over the "T" stake.
fence2.jpg (21789 bytes)

We ran the wires on the boom and then back to the pole to create a small loop.
fence3.jpg (28753 bytes)

We installed the battery down at the pole and ran the wires over to the Fencer.
fence4.jpg (32656 bytes)

We ran a small square of fence around the Wind Generator to keep the cattle back from it, since the blades are only about 4 foot from the ground.
Not the kind of "ground beef" that I would want. ;)
fence5.jpg (29536 bytes)

The complete install took 30 minutes.
fence6.jpg (26525 bytes)

My friend was telling me how his solar panel wasn't doing the job for him keeping his Electric Fence battery charged.  I told him for less than 300 bucks he could put in a system that he could just forget about.  He liked the idea and I put this system together for him.

Although I prefer to run the wires down the inside of the pipe that was not an option for a quick field install like this.  If he wants to move it, a "T" stake move is no big deal.

This is a perfect system for the farmer or rancher that gets tired of carrying batteries back and forth to the pasture and the shed to keep the Fence Charger zapping.

If you are interested in a system like this just contact me and I will help you get setup to maintain your batteries too. 

Terry TLG Windpower

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