Dave from Denver Colorado goes with the old fashion look.

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Got all the stuff and let me tell you I am VERY pleased. great quality on the parts. Got it put up today and it started turning the Ametek 30 right away. It looks great up on my tower. It reaches charging voltage before my other generator even starts to turn. Nice job on those blades !!
Here's are some pictures. I'll send a better one when the sun comes back. The whole thing turns on the big bearing that's on top of this 1929 tower, Very smooth.........

Additional Comments from Dave.

Here's the pictures of the finished product.
This one was made with your Quadraflex MM blades, the AR-5812RH arbor, GM-3040 mount and an Ametek 30 I bought on ebay. I am so happy with this set up. You were right about the Quadraflex blades. They are a perfect combination with the Ametek 30. It hardly ever stops turning.  I stuck a model airplane spinner on the front for a finishing touch. Today I bought new heavy wire and ran it one piece all the way to the controller. Looking forward to many years of trouble free service.
Thanks for great products Terry, You're the man !
Dave in Denver

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